The Red Queen

Creating Characters!

Our next meeting will be focusing mostly on making your characters. I don’t have much to say on the topic. You probably can’t go wrong with picking the standard array of ability scores. I’d probably recommend getting a 16/16 in your top two scores after racial adjustments. I’m also totally down for us to collaboratively create some custom backgrounds for your characters. These backgrounds impart mechanical benefits to your character such as some of your skill proficiencies. You can choose whatever you want and then we can talk about how your story fits into the setting.

One piece of advice I would give though is that you might want to make sure you can cover all the different skills between your party members.

On another note, after giving it some thought I decided the word “trial” was an ill-fit for the rite of passage common to this campaign setting. Instead we will be using “Halela”. So to explain it again:

Halela refers to a rite of passage during which followers of the Red Queen would undergo a journey during their adolescence that could take anywhere from a month to multiple years. Afterwards they would often settle somewhere away from home or start a new village entirely. Some become permanent travelers afterwards, joining caravans as merchants or guards. Others become adventurers and retire young after a few lucrative scores. Those who successful complete a halela are considered to be the Red Queens favorites. They have tested their mettle and have proved their mettle.


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