Srygoth Village

S’rygoth is a medium sized village on the north west coast of the continent, just east of the northern mountain range. It is on the coast, in the far reaches of a mostly chilly, but not frozen, salt-marsh. Due to the inhospitable terrain, and rumours of monster worshipping cannibals, the village gets practically no visitors. An outside would see the village as an alien place. Both the primary language, a dialect of Deep Speech known as Ph’rygoth, and the social customs of the people seem deeply disconnected from the surrounding world.

The village consists of a very homogenous population, given how isolated it is, and most people are dark-skinned with thick dark hair. Given the cold and wet climate, thick leather cloths are common, often dyed a bright purple the use of secretions from a particular sea snail. Despite the chilly temperatures, a large percentage of the population spends time fishing and diving for mollusks and out north of the village. The people live closely with the sea have a relatively easy life compared to other villages. Fish and mollusks are easy to fish and dive for, and tubers grow abundantly in the area. The generally empty chilly marshlands prohibit the passage of large groups of people, keeping the area mostly free from the threats of large armies. This is said to be due to the graces of N’rygoth, the protector and of the village. True or not, the villagers generally live an easy life, with plenty of food and few outside threats.

The people themselves, look normal enough, though are covered with varying degrees of ritual scarring that progresses with age, and prominently displayed golden triangles, called Teeth of N’rygoth, embedded in the flesh of their sternum. Both are related to their worship of N’rygoth, which is integral to the everyday life of the villagers. N’rygoth is the provider of magic, protector of his chosen people, and a flying interdimensional squid. He is said to have given magic to mankind many forgotten years ago, and that he provides for an easy life for his chosen people, the people of S’rygoth. The tattoos are from the prayers of N’rygoth, that each villager scribes on their flesh as the years pass. The Teeth of N’rygoth, each bear a unique name, from which each villager get’s their own mononym. They are gathered from the shores, and inserted into the skin of babies during their naming ritual. Each village lives with their golden tooth, and eventually return it to the sea when the feel it call it them. Each full moon, the village elders, who feel the call of the ocean, walk into the sea, to never return. Eventually, their Tooth of N’rygoth washes back ashore once it is time for their name to find another carrier.

Magic is common in the village, given that it’s the gift of N’rygoth, though most villagers could only manage a cantrip or two. Within the magical schools, the School of the Right Tentacle, divine magic, and the School of the Left Tentacle, arcane magic, more advanced spells are common but only through long involved rituals. Individuals being able to memorize and cast spell, as do wizards and clerics, is rather rare, and the few who can quickly rise to important positions within the village. The village is ran by a council of eight, The Council of The Eight Arms of N’rygoth, and representatives from the left and right tentacles. They are all elected positions, though most hold it until their death.

People and Events of Note
Diatuve and Sirado are representatives of the village out on a great quest.

The old lady Undalla is the Left Tentacle representative, an old man Killagul is the Right Tentacle representative.

Alongside magic, it was said N’rygoth gave his people one of his eyes, from which they could summon him forth to their world once they master his first gift, magic. This is an important relic to the village, and disappear around a century ago in unusual circumstances.

Srygoth Village

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