Welcome to Talam!

This is a brutal world. Civilization is a series of points of light in the darkness. Life is rampant and dangerous. Only the strongest survive.

Most villages on the frontier are quite capable of defending themselves and are populated by ex-adventurers. Yet even so it is just as common for a traveler to stumble across burnt out ruins as it is for them to find a thriving village. It is common for followers of the Red Queen to go on a halela in their early adulthood to test their mettle and will to survive. Those who live often settle down in faraway places afterword or strike out to settle new villages.

DM Note:
Basic information on the setting can be found in the wiki. If there is anything else you’d like to know, please ask. We are creating this world together, so if there is a location or a piece of history you’d like to flesh out just contact me.

Next Thursday we are meeting to create characters and establish how are party is getting together.

My suggestions:

We begin this campaign in the Weir region. The characters all start somewhere nearby and ultimately meet up on the way to Phlan. How they got there is for everyone to decide individually.

Getting the Party Together

A technique I’d like to use is to have everyone write a paragraph background for their character. This gets passed around to two people, who each write a brief cameo of their character into the story. Backgrounds are a vital part of 5th edition D&D characters and help determine some of the characters skills, tool proficiencies , and languages. Part of character creation will be making these, though you could just choose a prebuilt one from the book.

Example reasons for party to gather:

  • The Macguffin!
    • Key, map, etc. Party gathers around it to explore it.
  • Grew Up in Same Village
    • Group gets together, everyone knows each other fairly well.
  • Met In Caravan
    • Perhaps all were guards on their trial. Maybe they were just there and had to band
      together to fight off some mutual threat.
  • Company Men
    • All are part of the same organization. The church? An adventuring guild or faction?
  • Orphans
    • Grew up together in an orphanage and are now striking out on their trial together.
  • Traveling Circus
    • All are part of a traveling circus act. Of course, on the side they solve mysteries and save
      the day.
  • Friend of a Friend
    • The most basic explanation- everyone loosely knows each other and just decides to do
      their trial together.