The Cultist Wizard


Level 1 Wizard

Acolyte (Cultist) Background:
Aspiration – I seek to prove myself worthy of N’rygoth, and the people of S’rygoth, by matching my actions against their teachings.
Knowledge – Every person or experience has something different to teach you

I would die to recover The Eye of N’rygoth, the one relic of my faith and people that was lost.
I will travel just as far to find my lost friend, Sirado, who is more than family.

Once I pick a goal, I become obsessed with it to the detriment of everything else in my life.


Diatuve is intelligent and wise, but comes off as incredibly creepy. This is partly due to her weird accent, Common was her second language behind the Deep Speech dialect of her home village, and that she follows insular social rules somewhat divergent from the rest of society. People don’t tend to like her due to this, but being the scholarly type, people tend to not think too much of it. She is extremely inquisitive and interested about other people and their beliefs, after spending most of her life in a homogeneous isolated village. She is more curious about why people worship other deities rather than judgemental about it. She has a rather severe sense of justice, given her background, but is otherwise a light-hearted and friendly, though creepy, person. (high intelligence, medium wisdom and dexterity, low charisma)

She is bit above average height, dark skin, and dark poofy hair. She has illegible symbols tattooed down both of her arms and across her face, all around the distinct outline of some tentacled creature on her left arm. Right above her sternum, sits a curved golden triangle that appears to be embedded into her skin. She generally keeps this golden icon and left arm covered with a shawl, even in warm weather, to reduce attention to herself. She currently wears her black shawl and a long fur-lined purple jacket, with heavy leather boots and pants underneath. She generally carries a gnarly looking bone wand etched with squids and mysterious symbols, that’s carved from a human femur, but she doesn’t usually mention that.

Diatuve had an easy, if non-traditional, upbringing. Her village, named S’rygoth, was never in want for food, and rarely had to deal with outside threats, all due to the benevolent gaze of N’rygoth, a flying interdimensional squid. So maybe they are not too keen on outsiders, speak an unearthly language, and practice body scarring rituals during the full moon; they are all nice friendly people, Diatuve can attest. Due to S’rygoth having a strong tradition of magic, N’rygoth did bequeath all of magic to mankind after all, Diatuve was exposed to it early on and took naturally to the magic of the Left Tentacle of N’rygoth (arcane magic). Diatuve quickly rose to the top of her class in the School of the Left Tentacle, while her best friend Sirado, quickly did the same in the School of the Right Tentacle (divine magic). Both being the most gifted of all of the students, they were tasked with the most honorable quest that can be bestowed by the Council of The Eight Arms: to find the Eye of N’rygoth. It is said it was given to humankind along with magic by N’rygoth, so that we could summon his divine essence into our world once we master his gift of magic. It is every child’s dream to be the one to master his gift of magic and to use The Eye to bring forth his rubbery visage into the world of humans, as it is Diatuve’s dream. Together, with the blessing of the entire village, Sirado and Diatuve set off to find the Eye, which was lost or stolen less than 100 years ago.

Vignettes and Bit Characters
In the small town of Plone, after only weeks on their journey, Sirado and Diatuva happened upon a half-orc fleeing from what appeared to be a rather sizable orc horde descending down the mountains. Sirado, understanding the imminent danger to her best friend, quickly set off to create a distraction while running in the opposite direction; leaving Diatuva and the half-orc to free to escape. In the confusion, Diatuva was unable to find Sirado, along with most of her gear, which Sirado was carrying. Magaruk, being thankful for her saving his life, swore to accompany her until she reunites with her friend Sirado, who also helped saved his life. Now down to only her essentials, spellbook, wand, and the N’rygoth paraphernalia, she and Magaruk set out to find the caravan he was heading towards, and eventually to Phlan: the only large city that she knew about. She depended upon him for survival skills, and on the way they had engaging conversations about about things, such as the love of shiny rocks, and the dislike for cold ground, etc. Being the first outsider she had a conversation with, she gained an appreciation for his different, although simple, view on the world.—

[The Thief]
Eventually she and Magaruk made their way to the caravan, but she was bereft of all of her gear, except for her gnarly wand and spellbook after escaping from the horde. Being rather perceptive, she caught [the rogue] trying to lift her holy symbol off of her, and requested he ‘gather’ wizards supplies, paper/ink/herbs/etc. to give to her to be forgiven and to also not have his face melted off. He made quick work of this, and she was quite impressed.

[The Paladin]
Having never met any other clergy of another deity before, Diatuve was incredibly interested in hearing what his church is, how people worship etc. A couple of minutes into a monologue she was giving about how, under her faith, N’rygoth provided all of mankind with magic, he quickly warned her that she could get herself killed with such nonsense, and that she better keep it to herself. She now, while still very interested in talk to others about their religion, wisely decided to only every discuss her own with a select few. She was thankful for him, about his discretion and hopes he can get her out of a Red Queen worshipper related danger if such a thing happens.

[The Other Wizard]
Being the only other arcane caster on the caravan, Diatuva was particularly interested to find out who gave him his power, if not N’rygoth. After learning that he earned his powers from a smelly old man living in the woods, she is not so sure about what to believe. She currently doesn’t take him seriously, and wonders about how effective his magic will be.

“Have you someone pass through here who looks like me, is slightly shorter, and has a serious face like this /makes serious face/ all the time?”
-Diatuve, asking around if people have seen Sirado


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