Level 2 Barbarian

Outlander Background:
Aspiration – Someday I hope to become a warrior worthy of being called a Rock-Breaker

Bond: I seek those who slaughtered my clan and to one day avenge my family’s death.

I love combat, perhaps a bit too much; nowhere am I happier than in battle. To me, the proper solution to everything is violence.

Appearance (in progress): Magaruk stands around 6’9" and weighs around 270 pounds

“A thinking half-orc” is not the description anyone would use to describe Magaruk. He speaks in a guttural growl when he must speak Common, so his conversations are usually as brief as possible. He loves combat, and the time he does not spend fighting is often spent trying to find a fight. He has a strong distaste for gnomes, due to a terrible experience with a thieving bastard named Wunderkondoodle; he has a lesser dislike for humans, but still remembers the fact that very few of them trust Magaruk. That being said, Magaruk values his loyalty; if he makes a vow, he will do everything in his power to keep it.
Magaruk does not know magic, and therefore he does not trust it. How could you possibly say a few words and do more damage than an old-fashioned swipe with a greataxe? However, he has recently (begrudgingly) accepted its value, as his magic-using friends have saved his life more than once. (High strength, high constitution, high dex, low int, low wisdom).

Magaruk grew up in a warrior-tribe, whose name in the human tongue was Rock-Breaker, in the northern mountains. In the Rock-Breaker tribe, loyalty to clan, family and bond is a treasured more than anything else. He learned to fight and kill, as was the way of his clan. Before Magaruk could take his tribe’s test of manhood and therefore become a Warrior, a rival clan, known to humans as the Nightkillers, attacked and overpowered his home. Homes were burned and everybody was slaughtered; however, he happened to be out hunting when the attack took place. With no home and no family, Magaruk was left to live alone, pursued by the orc clan that was hell-bent to finish the task. Traveling through backwoods towns and taverns, he was rarely accepted; people who trust half-orcs are few and far between. At long last, the Nightkiller clan caught up to him in a small town named Plone. As Magaruk was wandering the streets, he bumped into Diatuve and her friend, Sirado. As they exchanged words, the Nightkillers descended from the hills and attacked the town. In the confusion, Diatuve helped them both to escape, but they were separated from the friend. In gratitude for helping to save him, and also because of the guilt of being the reason the town was attacked, Magaruk agreed to accompany her to Phlan to try to help her find her friend.

Months of wandering in the wilderness and in small towns, never being trusted, have caused Magaruk to retreat into his shell. While he treats friends as though they’re his family (after the slaughter, they are) and would rather die than break a bond, he distrusts most everybody else, and would not be upset to see some of his suffering be felt by others.

Vignettes and Bit Characters
In the small town of Plone, after only weeks on their journey, Sirado and Diatuva happened upon a half-orc fleeing from what appeared to be a rather sizable orc horde descending down the mountains. Sirado, understanding the imminent danger to her best friend, quickly set off to create a distraction while running in the opposite direction; leaving Diatuva and the half-orc to free to escape. In the confusion, Diatuva was unable to find Sirado, along with most of her gear, which Sirado was carrying. Magaruk, being thankful for her saving his life, swore to accompany her until she reunites with her friend Sirado, who also helped saved his life. Now down to only her essentials, spellbook, wand, and the N’rygoth paraphernalia, she and Magaruk set out to find the caravan he was heading towards, and eventually to Phlan: the only large city that she knew about. She depended upon him for survival skills, and on the way they had engaging conversations about about things, such as the love of shiny rocks, and the dislike for cold ground, etc. Being the first outsider she had a conversation with, she gained an appreciation for his different, although simple, view on the world.—

During Magaruk’s time wandering the streets, Tobbin used him to pull off a couple heists. This wasn’t a friendship, but Tobbin thought Magaruk did good, if unimaginative work.

Magaruk recalls seeing Jezal (he stands out in his fancy clothes) making fun of “the savage” with a bunch of his friends. Jezal made a hasty retreat when Megaruk confronted him.



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