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Welcome to Talam!

The world is a brutal place. Civilization is a series of points of light in the darkness. Life is rampant and dangerous. Only the strongest survive.

Most villages on the frontier are quite capable of defending themselves and are populated by ex-adventurers. Yet even so it is just as common for a traveler to stumble across burnt out ruins as it is for them to find a thriving village. It is common for followers of the Red Queen to go on halela in their early adulthood, to test their mettle and will to survive. Those who live often settle down in faraway places afterword or strike out to settle new villages.

Religions of Talam

Church of Red Mysteries (Lawful Neutral)
Available domains: Life, Nature, War

Infinite Faces (Chaotic Good)
Available domains: Death, Life, Nature, and War

The Fox Pantheon (Unaligned)
Available domains: Death, Fortune, Knowledge, Magic, Tempest, and Trickery

The clergy of the Fox Pantheon and the clergy of the Red Queen have a strong hatred of one another and will often kill each other on sight. Their conflict is known as the Fox Blood War and has been going on for the entirety of recorded history. Most often this plays out though small strike forces targeting small temples and religious artifacts. It occasionally boils over to kingdom wide wars.

Regions of Talam

Bullet Wastes
Kath Lakes
Mildred Swamps
Mythic Coast

Kingdoms of Talam

KingdomRegionSystem of GovernmentRulerReligion
Runimede MageocracyMythic CoastMageocracyBrighid CollegeThe Fox Pantheon
CrionachBullet WastesNecrocracyCouncil of Saint Gossamer’s GarterThe Fox Pantheon
Stone Walker’sBullet WastesTribesStone Walker EldersInfinite Faces (Red Queen)
Vask KingdomWeirFeudal KingdomPhilip “The Fair” CastileChurch of the Red Mysteries (Red Queen)
Napthean TribesMildred SwampsTribesN/AInfinite Faces (Red Queen)
KathalunaKath LakesPlutocracyThe Twelve FamiliesChurch of the Red Mysteries (Red Queen)
The WarsangalWarsangaliTheocracyThe HierophantChurch of the Red Mysteries (Red Queen)
JoluthThuleTribal MeritocracyChampa GarwhalThe Fox Pantheon
AmaruDragonheimPlantation TimocracyGentledrake’s CouncilInfinite Faces (Red Queen)

Grey Daggers

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